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 stainless steel insulated travel mug with sipper lid

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Weight 193 Gram

  • Tea and espresso, juice, soda pop spotless cup.
  • With this Homeglare Travel Mug from Accedre, don't pass up your preferred morning drink while surging out to get your ride to work. Hardened steel within the cup is made of treated steel to help hold the temperature of tea or espresso.
  • A plastic spread is additionally given to keep the beverage hot.
  • Ergonomic handles made by the shapes of your wrist will assist you with grasping the mug during those rough rides.
  • This cup can likewise be utilized to convey tea or espresso during picnics or while taking off. It is even impeccable to keep tea or espresso hot for your child or the little girl who concentrates till late in the late evening during those test times
  • Color may vary

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